About Us

Welcome to UTHVEKAA

Who Are We

young aspiring architects, with high passionate service, we guide our client through whole process

Our Mission

Addressing the need of  each user and each project with care and attention like a first project

What We Do

The passionate team creating international designs to suit indian climate and context.

About us

Uthvekaa started in the year 2016, with a group of young dedicated architects, based in Chennai. We specialize in Private and commercial architecture. We offer expertise in construction management, general construction, design/build, interior designing, and other architectural advises. Throughout the company’s history, Uthvekaa has received praise for its quality work and service, timely delivery, and ability to remain under the project budget.

We believe is smart work rather than hard work. We aim to create a place in History for Uthvekaa

Our 6-D process













Why choose us?

As a group of young architects, we aim to think out of the box and give our clients a high-quality design which exceeds their expectation. Our Team strives to deliver designs that brings satisfaction in the client’s mind and heart.

“We Create the World You Imagine” is our tag line and we stand by it. We concentrate on re-creating the image of the building in the client’s mind to reality, before the given time frame. We guarantee 100% Client Satisfaction. 

Turnkey Contract – The firm is responsible for both the design and construction of a facility. Clients can tell us the expectations of their dream and relax, it is our duty to monitor the total construction and hand over a fully operational unit.

We are a bunch of talented youngsters, striving hard to build a beautiful world with our imagination and skills. We take responsibility in our projects and great pride and respect in our clients’ trust in us to realize their visions.

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